NEXT Manga

NEXT is the publisher of Japanese manga comics around the world. The MANGA MESSIAH series has printed more than two million copies distributed around the world in more than 21 different languages. The Japanese authors of the series are known famous in the manga community for their compelling artwork and evocative storytelling style. While the books have been eagerly embraced and promoted by young people, the books are not strictly meant for younger readers. In fact, since the content comes straight from the Old Testament and New Testament Bible, the material is often more aptly suited to adult readers. It is partly for this reason and also because of the nature of manga readers in general that the MANGA MESSIAH series has created a broad range of fans. Young and old, die hards and newbies.

The MANGA MESSIAH website was first created by Seeworthy Media when NEXT was incorporated 10 years ago. Since then Seeworthy has increased it’s production role supporting NEXT in a range of publishing functions including design, editorial, digital strategy, and e-commerce.

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